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Ep 4 Teaching your Mixed Kids about RACE – #ManningTheGrill

It’s Black History Month, I thought it would be a good time to chat about one of my favorite things, my mixed kids.

It is difficult raising children period! Having the “race” discussion in a world that is continually centered around hate and division can be difficult. It is also a challenge raising mixed race children in a society that was built on inferiority. Many mixed race children have to deal with serious identity issues that can follow them well into adulthood.

2020 was ridiculous for so many reasons: pandemic, politics, homeschooling, racial injustice felt by so many (the ones that look like me and the ones that do not) in this country, having to explain all the racial upheaval to a pair of bi-race kids with questions trying to find their way is what keeps me up at night. I am very aware of that constant battle between seeking refuge within a racial group while still maintaining a true sense of self and how often it can be a struggle and perilous to young people.

Join Dr.Rainey Briggs and I as we discuss how we teach our mixed race kids about their black history, their white history and everything in between.

Verona, Wisconsin