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Meraki: (may rah kee) (v) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work

Meraki Consulting, LLC

Meraki Consulting, LLC was started by the husband and wife duo, Rainey and Julie Briggs. Rainey and Julie are both educators with a passion for equity and student success. Rainey and Julie grew up in Madison, WI and had very different educational experiences that they discuss in their presentations. Meraki Consulting, LLC offers many unique services from equity institutes, professional development, mentoring, coaching, and mediation. Contact us today to see how we can help you along your journey.

Who We Are

Dr. Rainey Briggs

Dr. Rainey Briggs is a very dynamic leader who brings his passion and energy into his work. Dr. Briggs is currently the Superintendent of the Baraboo School District in Baraboo, WI. Prior to this role, he was the Director of Elementary Education in the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District. He has also been a principal in Madison and Sun Prairie, WI. Dr. Briggs is a leader in equity work in the state of Wisconsin. He was most recently recognized as one of the 48 Most Influentional Black Leaders in Wisconsin. He has worked collaboratively with North Star Consulting Services to provide Equity Institutes to many school districts around the country. In addition, Dr. Briggs has done motivational speaking and key note presentations to share his story of growing up as a young Black boy in poverty and the challenges he faced in school. Dr. Briggs has also partnered with school districts to provide mentoring and mediation. His wife, Julie, is also an educator and they have three teenage daughters; Rayna, Rylee, and Reagan. In their spare time Dr. Briggs and his family enjoy going to sporting events and traveling.

Dr. Rainey Briggs has written a dissertation on Factors That Promote or Impede the Success of African American males in a predominantly white high school. This research is from the perspective of the students themselves. Learn what these high school students said would have helped them not only in high school but throughout their entire school career. The questions Dr. Briggs asks the students really brings about deep reflection. Discover ways you can help All students, African American students in particular, achieve great success. This is a must read for all educators. When we know better, we do better.

Julie Briggs

Julie Briggs is a passionate educator who loves teaching and coaching with an equity lens. She is currently a Curriculum and Learning Specialist in the Verona Area School District. Prior to that role, Julie spent time in Milwaukee and Sun Prairie, WI as an elementary teacher and instructional coach. Julie began her career teaching in the inner city of Milwaukee. Her passion in the classroom encouraged her husband, Dr. Rainey Briggs, to pursue a career in education as well. The two of them together bring many unique experiences to be shared from growing up together, dating in high school, college athletics, young parents raising biracial children, and continuing education. Julie also has several years of experience as an instructional coach and has provided literacy training for school districts in Wisconsin. In their spare time, the Briggs family enjoys watching each other in their sporting events, family game nights, and traveling.

Range of Services

Equity Institutes

Dr. Rainey Briggs has teamed up with Percy Brown Jr. from North Star Consulting to offer 4 day Equity Institutes. These 4 days are spread out to allow participants time to apply new learning and come back to discuss. Hear from some past participants on how this training has changed their lives.

Seminars and Workshops

Dynamic one day seminars or 1/2 day workshops are tailored to the needs of your school or organization and provide powerful insights for achieving better results. The presenters keep it real by sharing experiences and offering ways to interrupt predictable outcomes.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Consulting

Dr. Briggs and Julie can both assist in preparing, supporting and guiding leaders with the tools, confidence, and skills to lead in an era of high accountability and needed change. Julie and Rainey have both been trained in transformational coaching, cognitive coaching, and student centered coaching.


Dr. Briggs is trained in adaptive schools and restorative practices. He has worked with school districts as a mediator to support administrators work through challenging situations. Dr. Briggs has also worked as a mediator between African American parent groups and the school district.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders benefit from ongoing support and coaching. These coaching sessions allow leaders the means to plan, reflect, and resolve problems.

Key Note Presentations / Motivational Speaking

Dr. Rainey Briggs has given key note addresses at school districts to kick off the new school year. His experiences and equity lens bring a light hearted yet very deep experience to the space. He will leave you feeling energized and ready to put words into actions.


The Equity Institute was amazing; I love that I had the opportunity to be here. Would highly recommend it to anyone else because so rarely do you get the chance as an adult to sit in a learning environment like this and learn and reflect (and be given the tools to continue to learn and reflect).

Dr. Briggs is an amazing speaker and has so much knowledge!!!!

I was part of the very first virtual Critical Consciousness Institute. The material and the facilitators very effectively transitioned from an in-person professional learning format to a virtual format in ways that deeply engaged me with new ideas, new perspectives, my colleagues, and with compelling stories and undeniable primary source documents. I am fueled with more information and renewed with inspiration to continue doing this challenging, urgent and critical work. It is all our work.

Eye opening experience.

The format that Percy and Rainey use to take participants through such powerful learning is the perfect approach. There is so much to dive into, but their guidance helped me to feel like I have some tangible things I can do, and know the weight of the responsibility to “know better, do better”, all for the love of our “babies”!

This is the work that needs to occur in every district. Thank you for helping us to continue to build capacity.

Percy and Rainey bring real life experiences, honesty and passion to the Critical Consciousness training. They make very hard work interesting, fun, and eye opening. In this training you will look deeply into your own values, find your own biases, and learn how to speak up in appropriate ways.


Dr. Rainey Briggs dissertation

Purchase a digital copy for $41.00 USD.

In The Media

Learning and Living: Three biracial families’ stories – Madison Magazine

Learning and Living: Three biracial families’ stories – Madison Magazine

Every kid, every day, whatever it takes. That’s Rainey Briggs’s motto. Thirty-seven-year-old Briggs is the principal at Horizon Elementary School in Sun Prairie—an “educator,” as he puts it—and the only African American male elementary school principal in the Sun Prairie Area School District. It’s a distinction he carries...

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